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Webinar Feedback Form |  GCED Virtual/Hybrid Caravan 3 (Quezon City): SDGs in the Smart City
Webinar FeedBack Form for Certificate of Participation during the One-Day Free International Webinar on the Workshop: National Policies on Lifelong Learning toward Sustainablity in Southeast Asia
Webinar Feedback | Evaluation Form on GCED Virtual/Hybrid Caravan 2: SDGs in the Smart City | June 16, 2022
Official Attendance | Evaluation Form | Fostering Education within Family, Culture and Environment Event: Fostering Education within Family, Culture and Environment | June 9, 2022
Official Certificate Validation Form | SEAMEO-AUS EduLink Webinar on e-Portfolios in Education | June 2, 2022
Official Evaluation Form and Steps on How to Claim the Certificate of Pariticipation during the Virtual Launch of the 'Disability-Inclusive Teaching in Emergencies Phase II | April 25, 2022
April 22 | Official Evaluation Form and Replay | Free International Webinar on Engaging Teachers in Global Citizenship Education through Transformative Education by DepEd ICO
Free Webinar on Visual Storytelling 101 for Teachers with e-Certificate on April 22 | Register Here!
REX EDUCATION April 2022 Webinar Series Day 1 Session Full Video Replay and Evaluation Form for Free 6 CPD Units and E-Certificate
T4 Education Teacher Tech Summit 2022 | Official Webinar Feedback Form for Certificate of Participation | March 25-26, 2022
Official Evaluation Form | 3-Day Free International Webinar on Empowering Innovative Young Minds for Sustainable Future | March 8-10, 2022
Official Evaluation Form in 2022 International Day of Education: Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow
Official Evaluation Form on DepEd Adobe for Education Virtual Session for Teachers | February 26, 2022
Official Evaluation Form | Virtual Celebration of the 36th Anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution
Tagpros Free Webinar Official Evaluation Form on Designing for Autonomy, Applicability, and Availability | February 19
Official Attendance and Evaluation Form on Safer Internet Day for Children and Cyber Wellness for Teachers from EdTech Unit | February 12
Day 3 | February 12 | Official Certificate Validation Form | 3-Day 10th SEAMEO-University of Tsukuba Symposium 2022
FEBRUARY 10 | DAY 1 - CERTIFICATE VALIDATION FORM | 10th SEAMEO-University of Tsukuba Symposium 2022
February 5 Tagpros Live Webinar Workshops Official Evaluation Form (February 5, 2022)
February 4 | DepEd GCED Official Certificate of Participation Evaluation Form  | International Day of Education 2022