Publishing or sharing web links are very common nowadays as far as digital information is concerned. Most of us are involved in this kind of task especially the Teachers when creating classroom instructions to be posted online, downloading a file or when posting reactions or comments during seminars.

Every information online has its corresponding web address and these web addresses are very long text or string – combinations of different characters which we called the Uniform Resource Locator or URL.

Example of URL is https://www.freeeducationaltools.com/ or https://www.freeeducationaltools.com/2020/05/animoto-online-video-maker-free-for.html

As you can see URL is a very long combinations of different characters that starts with https followed by colon (:) and usually ends with .html which signifies that it is a webpage, a web link, a home page or an index page of a website. In that case, most of the time we tend to forget the web address or the URL.

So here comes a web tool created by experts in web technologies the so-called URL’s Shortener. The name itself tells us the very purpose of this web tool which means it will make the very long URL into few or short URL. So that’s really great – it will not be hard for us to recall a certain web address.

For example, https://www.freeeducationaltools.com/2020/05/animoto-online-video-maker-free-for.html can be shortened into rb.gy/dkoi6k.

That’s the magic of URL shortener. Isn’t it great? From a very long URL to a very short one, that’s really amazing. So now we can easily recall a certain web address.

So we gathered here for you our Top Five (5) Best URL Shortener that teachers can use for their online projects and other digital activities.

Top 1 goes to - RB.GY, this URL shortener is easy to use and really very fast. We use this in our example above. RB.GY, is the perfect partner for transforming long, ugly links into nice, memorable and trackable short URLs. And it is Free, no fees to pay and no accounts to create.


Try it Now visit RB.GY.

Top 2 goes to – TinyURL, the very first free URL shortener. It has been on the web for many years and has shortened thousands of long URL’s already. Just link RB.GY is also easy to use. 

Watch our tutorial:

Try it Now visit TinyURL.com

Top 3 goes to – Bitly, this URL shortener is paid URL shortener but they offer free account for those who would like to try their link management services which is really good. The free account has many features like the user can track the total number  of clicks, referrals and locations of  those who use or clicked your link/s. But you can use the free plan you have to create an account first and verify your email.

 Watch our tutorial:

Try it Now visit Bitly

Top 4 goes to -  BL.INK, this URL shortener, just like Bitly, is a paid link shortener but also offers a free account. It functions almost similar to Bitly, having the features of tracking clicks and their locations.


Watch our tutorial:

Try it Now visit BL.INK

Top 5 goes to – Cuttly, is another paid link shortener but with free plans where the user can still enjoy great free features. Like, your  shortened URL does not expire. It is very easy to use. You don’t have to create an account just simply copy and paste your long url then click shorten.


Try it Now visit Cuttly.

Watch our tutorial:

Some other useful URL shortener that you can use are: deped.in, shorturl.at and rebrandly.

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