C-Talks: Elevating Teaching Excellence | Free Training with 4 CPD Units | April 29, 2024

C-Talks: Elevating Teaching Excellence | Free Training with 4 CPD Units | April 29, 2024

Free Training for Licensed Professional Teacher with CPD Units!

C-Talks: Elevating Teaching Excellence (Topic: Inclusive Education: Sharing of the Lakbay-Lapis Program) Professional Teachers 

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April 29, 2024Professional
Platform: FB Live

Program Description:
The C-Talks: Elevating Teaching Excellence is a series of webinars on pedagogical techniques and educational trends that provide educators with the tools and knowledge needed to adapt to this dynamic environment, fostering a global community of skilled teachers. By tapping into the expertise of renowned educators and promoting continuous improvement, these webinars empower educators to enhance student outcomes and ensure the highest quality of instruction.

The objectives of the session are:

  1. Provide educators with access to modern teaching techniques, innovative strategies, and technology integration to improve their teaching methods continuously.
  2. Create a global network of educators for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and building a sense of community across borders.
  3. Offer a platform for renowned educators and thought leaders to share valuable insights, research, and best practices to enhance classroom dynamics and student outcomes.
  4. Foster active participation and collaboration among educators, promoting a culture of continuous improvement and innovative teaching.
  5. Keep educators updated on the latest education trends nationally and internationally to align their teaching practices with current demands.
  6. Make high-quality professional development accessible and affordable for educators to remain competitive and effective in their roles, empowering them to navigate the evolving educational landscape effectively for students' benefit in the digital age and beyond.

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