FREE NEAP Accredited Online Course for Teachers with 15 CPD credits | July 23 - September 23, 2021 | Enroll Now

FREE NEAP Accredited Online Course for Teachers with 15 CPD credits | July 23 - September 23, 2021 | Enroll Now

Enroll now on Teach On: Keeping the Passion Alive.
Completers will get an international certificate of participation. The course is FREE, NEAP Accredited and is equivalent to 15 CPD credits.
The next course run will begin on JULY 23, 2021 (until September 23, 2021). Check out/ enroll here for details. For frequently asked questions, check this out:
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Check your email if you receive the same message (see below)from The Course Manager (
Teach On: Keeping the Passion Alive 2021 - 2 Course Staff). 

Dear Learners,

Welcome to TEACH ON: Keeping the Passion Alive 2021-2. We are delighted to have you as a learner of the course. We are going through extraordinary times and it is indeed challenging for everyone. We hope that this course will help you look into the brighter side of what is happening. It is a good time to reflect on our life and this includes our professional life as teachers.

Through viewing videos, reading, sharing and reflecting let us take this journey together. The first 3 sections of the course will already be available to you as soon as the course opens on July 23, 2021. Section 4 will be accessible to you, two weeks later.

Within the 2 months that you have access to the course, you can navigate through it at your own pace and time. It is all up to you. Your pacing in the course will depend on your motivation, self-discipline, your own time management and your internet access.

Please take the time to read the Course Guides. Should you need any support during the course, the best way to reach out to us is through our Facebook Page: However, please know that there are many learners in the course. So if the answer to your question is already in the Course Guide, we will no longer respond to you. Sometimes, we may receive similar questions coming from many learners, and instead of responding individually, we may address our response to everyone via our Facebook page or by email.

Keep safe and Teach On!

Sincerely yours,

The Course Manager

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