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FREE WEBINAR with 6 CPD Units on Demystifying Statistics for Teachers using Microsoft Excel | May 30-31 | Register here!
Intro to Game to Development and Career Opportunities | Free Webinar for Teachers | April 28 with e-Certificate| Register here!
DICT 3-Day Basic Digital Literacy Training on Introduction to HTML | April 25-27 | Register here!
Free ICT Training on Key Components in Creating Top-notch PowerPoint Presentations for Teachers with e-Certificate| April 26 | Register here!
Free Webinar on Ethical Hacking and Digital Forensics with e-Certificate | April 17-21 | Register here!
DICT 4-Day Free Webinar | Training with 16 approved CPD Units | April 15, 22, 29 to May 6 | Register now!
2023 Women International Month | Free Webinar on WE for gender equality and inclusive society | March 2023 | Register here!
Free Webinar on Introductory on Graphics Deaign with Canva | February 24 | Register now!
3-Day Free Digital Literacy Training on Graphic Design using Canva |  February 15-18 | Register Here!
2-Day Free Training on Basic Graphic Design using Canva | Feb 27-28 | Register Now!
Free Online Course for Teachers on Introduction to Android Application Development with e-Certificate of Completion | Register Now!
Metaverse of Learnings in Education | Free Webinar for Teachers | February 5, 2023 | Register here!
Free Webinar for EdTech Educators and Students on the Fundamentals and basics of Web 3.0 | Register Here!
Digital Literacy Training on Exploration and Utilization of Google Workplace with e-Certificate | January 21 | Register here!
Free ICT Training on Metaverse of Learnings through ClassPoint, Twinkl and ClassClap | January 14 | Register Now!
3-Day Digital Literacy Training for Website and Mobile App Creation by DICT
Free Webinar on Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Card Registration Act  | December 20 with e-Certificate| Register now
Free ICT Training on Advanced Cloud Computing | Register now!
Free Online Training on ICT Literacy on Internet of Things (IOT) Using Arduino in TinkerCad with e-Certificate!
Google Free Scholarships for Teachers !| APPLY NOW