Automated Individual Learner's Record | Free Download!

Automated Individual Learner's Record | Free Download!

The Individual Learner's Record (ILR) in the Department of Education (DepEd) serves as a comprehensive documentation of each student's academic journey, encompassing personal information, academic performance, attendance records, behavior, co-curricular activities, and achievements. 

This record plays a crucial role in tracking a student's progress, enabling personalized interventions, and fostering holistic development.

So, here is the Exciting news! 
We created an Automated Individual Learner's Record Excel Form to keep track of the student/learner performance seamlessly. We hope that this simple tool would be a great help for teachers to make their  record-keeping easier and teaching even better! 

You can get the Automated/Computerized Individual Learners Record for Free! Please follow the Steps below:
Here's how:
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PRO VERSION will be posted here soon!

How to Use the Automated Individual Learner's Record?
The Automated Individual Learner's Record is a Macro-Enabled Excel WorkBook with 6 Navigational Buttons: 

1. Attendance
2. Written Works
3. Performance Task
4. Quarterly Assessment
5. View All Data
6. School Calendar

Since, it is a Macro-Enabled Excel WorkBook, you have to make sure that you will enable first the Settings of the Macro on your Device or MS Excel Program before you Open or Run the Automated Individual Learner's Record.

Please follow the Three (3) Important Steps on how to Enable the Macro:

Step 1: Click on File then Select Options. See the image below:
Step 2: Click on Trust Center and then Select Trust Center Settings
Step 3: Click on Macro Settings, Click on Enable all macros, Click on Trust access to the VBA project model and then OK.

So, that's it, you are done! Congratulations!

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