Session 3 | 2-Day Free Webinar on Formative Years of Spanish Philippines, 1565-1665 | October 25-26 | REGISTER NOW!

Session 3 | 2-Day Free Webinar on Formative Years of Spanish Philippines, 1565-1665 | October 25-26 | REGISTER NOW!

Philippine International Quincentennial Conference 2021 Session 3.
Session 3: Formative Years of Spanish Philippines, 1565-1665 
Convener: Philippine National Historical Society 
Date: 4-5 November 2021 

The historical process of becoming the nation Filipinas dates back to half a millennium ago when Imperial Spain established its presence in the Indies, the area stretching from the Pacific, including Island Southeast Asia and Mainland East Asia. 
Spain would eventually establish its presence in the “nation of islands” where Magellan arrived in 1521, transforming it into the colony of Filipinas where Christianity was introduced, accompanied by imperial expansion on land and people. 

The arrival of Christianity and colonial rule on the indigenous populations transformed land and people, the foundations of which were set down between 1565-1665, through the instrumentalities of church and state applied to the indigenous communities in the archipelago. It was a two-way process of political and cultural challenges, assimilation and appropriation, at times outright resistances, in the process of “becoming” Filipinas and the Filipinos. 

PIQC | Session 3: The Formative Years of Spanish Philippines, 1565 to 1665

Nov 4, 2021 09:00 PM
Nov 5, 2021 09:00 PM

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PIQC is a collaborative project of the NQC and 15 other agencies, universities, and professional national historical societies. Around 100 Filipino and foreign scholars, diplomats, officials, artists, and scientists will deliver lectures encapsulating the theme “Situating the Filipino and the Philippines in 1521.”

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