DepEd Order 012, s 2021: July 10 is the last day of School Year 2020-2021

DepEd Order 012, s 2021: July 10 is the last day of School Year 2020-2021

Please be informed and be guided: According to the school calendar released by the Department of Education (DepEd), classes for School Year (SY) 2020-2021 shall end on July 10, 2021. 

DepEd Order (DO) 012 s 2021 titled Amendment to DepEd Order 007 s2020, School Calendar and Activities for SY 2020-2021 stated that "Quarter 4 shall be from May 4 to July 10, 2021."
Here's the Memorandum:

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"Teachers are not paid during vacation and therefore school heads should not require their teachers to report physically in school without letter request approved by the higher authority," according to source.

"The compensation that the teachers are receiving during the summer (school break) and Christmas vacations, is called Proportional Vacation pay, computed in proportion to the number of days they have served during the school year."

"The proportional vacation pay is a benefit given to public school teachers as a counterpart to the mandated leaves granted to other public and private sector workers. It used to be given during summer breaks, after teachers have rendered 10 months of continuous service in a school year."

"Also, a newly hired teacher must not expect too much for the continued payment of their salary once they are included within the payroll period. They may not receive the salary during summer break, or they might be deactivated in payroll due to earned PVP."

"Service credits must be given to teachers reporting to school for work beyond July 10," the source added.

"It is stated in the guidelines in the grant of service credits that Vacation service credits shall not be granted for services rendered without previous authority, therefore it is very important to have an approved request before requiring them (teachers) to report," the source added.

'Reporting to school nowadays is very risky. If your reporting is unauthorized (no approved written request or memo) and something happened to you, it may be very difficult to request for Rehabilitation Privilege from the agency since your reporting to school is not on official travel or not authorized overtime,' said source.

Government employees officially reporting to school who met an accident are entitled to Rehabilitation Privilege (Sec. 55, Rule XVI, Omnibus Rules Implementing E.O. No. 292). This special privilege is applicable if the accident happened while on duty, occurred while on official travel, authorized overtime, detail orders, and special assignment orders. and occurred while the employee was on his way to work or on his way home from work. (CSC-DBM JC No. 1, p. 2015).

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