Step by Step Guide on How to Create Account in

Step by Step Guide on How to Create Account in is a contact tracing app or website where users can create account and store information about their present health status and can be shared to every company who requires the said information.



The main goal of, as the name implies that everyone will be safe against COVID-19. A
Philippine digital bayanihan platform

Developer:Multisys Technologies Corporation

Features of

1. Health Conditing Reporting

2. Social Distancing

3. Contact Tracing System

Thus, if you have not yet created your account in, you will learn on this page how to Register in

 Here's the
Step by Step Guide on How to Create Account in 

1. Type on Google and click search or press enter key.

2. Click or Register an account

3. You will then be directed to

4. You can click next for a quick tour of the app or click skip to go straight to account creation: Once you click Skip you will be directed into this page (image below).

5. In the image above you will be required to enter your mobile number. And after you entered your mobile number, Click REGISTER NOW or Continue with Facebook.  See image below,

6.Once you click Register Now you will receive an SMS Verification or (OTP) to activate your account. It is a 6 characters or numbers. Enter the OTP and click Confirm OTP. See image below.

7. You will then be asked to enter Your Password twice and click continue. see image below.

8. Next you will enter your Code Name and click continue. See image below.

9. On this part you can Take a selfie or you can skip this part.
10.After that you will be asked to enter or create your own PIN for security. Enter your own 6 characters or numbers as your PIN code and click Submit. See image below.

11. You will then receive a message that Your PIN was successfully registered. Click Continue to my Account. See image below.

12. You will be directed to this page. Enter your Age and Gender. And follow the what is being ask in the form. Click Save. See image below.

13.You will now see the page below, after you click SAVE. Click SUBMIT.

14. Y
ou will now see your Health Status. On the image below, you can click settings to change or  update your profile. You can click Home to go to the HomePage. You can also click COVI-19 UPDATE to find out the latest update or reports. And also you can click Digital Logbook. On this page you can also create or scan a QR code that you use/show to the company like GSIS if they require you show it to them.

15. That's your done. :). But you can always explore to learn more about this contact tracing app,

By the way, you also Download the app at Google PlayStore and Apple Store.



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