DepEd SHS ADM QUARTER 3 Modules [SLMs] All Subjects

DepEd SHS ADM QUARTER 3 Modules [SLMs] All Subjects


DepEd  ADM Quarter 3 Modules are available for download. You can check out below all available Self-Learning Modules for Senior High School.


The Self-learning modules (SLM) are student materials that contain a lesson written in a way that is easy for the student to understand and do even without the teacher by his or her side. It is written for distance or remote learning.

Each SLM contains a pre-test to ensure student knowledge and readiness for the new lesson. There is also a post test to confirm what was learned in the completed module. It contains activities to develop and measure what the student has learned and meet the different needs and abilities of each student who will use it. It is also equipped with Notes to the Facilitator, Parents to guide them in supporting the student in his / her distance / remote learning.

The following modules are written by teachers and supervisors from various Regions of the country in accordance with the K to 12 Curriculum Guide and ADM Learning Resource Standards.


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