DepEd 3RD Quarter Modules (SLM) in All Subjects Per Grade/Year Level

DepEd 3RD Quarter Modules (SLM) in All Subjects Per Grade/Year Level


The Department of Education will still implement Blended Learning or Distance Learning through the use broadcast media (radio based instructions and television based instructions) and the printed learning materials or the so-called Self-Learning Modules.

Hence, Quarter 3 Modules or Self-Learning Modules for the School Year 2020-2021 is now available for teachers to download.

They can use these materials for their lessons for the Third Quarter of the current School Year.

We listed all available modules below, so that all teachers will not find it hard to download the modules per grade or year-level.

Simply hover your mouse and click each Grade level to download the file. After you click the link you will be directed to Gmail, so make sure you have a DepEd email.

And also we inform every teacher who will use the following modules to give credits to the rightful owner.

Thus, this website disclaimed any of the various modules listed below. Our intention is only to help all teachers and educators. No copyright infringement intended.

And again be sure to log-in your DepEd Email before downloading the files or SLM's.


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  1. Asan na po yung 3rd quarter ang hirap po kasi wala pang binibigay na module

  2. Malapit na po yung quarter 3 week 2 pero wala paring module