Quarter 2 Grade 2 Learning Activity Sheets (LAS)

Quarter 2 Grade 2 Learning Activity Sheets (LAS)

Grade 2 Learning Activity Sheets (LAS)


The Department of Education stated that the Learning Activity Sheets for Quarter2 shall be based on Most Essential Learning Competencies for identified grade levels across all learning areas issued by  the Central office.

The LAS will be used by the learners during the home learning sessions.

Most of the Learning Activity Sheets has already been uploaded or shared via Google Drive so that all teachers from different regions or divisions can download the ready to print Learning Activity Sheet.

So, we compiled the list of LAS for Grade 2 Subjects for 2nd quarter for teachers to download the files easily.

Simply follow the links provided below for you to download the files in .docx or MS Word Document format. 

There is no need to log-in or sign-in to your DepEd email. You can download the files directly from Google Drive. 

Grade 2 Learning Activity Sheets (LAS)

We only have one LAS for Grade 2. Please visit our site for update. Meanwhile, you can download the available LAS.

Dowload Grade 2 LAS Template: Quarter 2: ESP: 

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