Visme 13 Latest Update now with QR Code Integration: See How it Works

Visme 13 Latest Update now with QR Code Integration: See How it Works

Visme 10 Latest Update now with QR Code Integration: See How it Works

Visme Team has released new updates to maintain and cater the best experience for the million users across the globe. 

The release of the new bug fixes and update was posted on their official website. So without further ado we  will lay down one by one the new update:

 Visme 13 Latest or New Update


1. New Integrations - we can now integrate or users can now Generate QR Code with all the materials or project that your are going to create in Visme. This is really an amazing enhancement and a very helpful tool that we can add to our content hence we can cater a more convenient and safer way to deliver our content to our readers or clients particularly in this time of Pandemic. 

Now if you want to learn how to use or integrate QR code in your project. You can watch the short video below on how to Generate QR Code in Visme.


2. Visme has added new feature - we can now easily remove background of the images for our content. Isn't it great? With this newest feature of Visme, users will definitely love it. 

Easily upload an image and remove its background to create your own cutouts to use in your presentations, infographics, documents and other designs.

With the use of background remover it is really a big help because you will no longer use another third party apps. Bravo! Team Visme for the effort of reinventing Visme.

Visme now has 7 New Improvement

3. The first is the use of "Object List" -  When viewing your object list, your text boxes are now named after the text inside them, instead of a default text label.

4. The second new Improvement "Animation Looping" - Visme Team improved animated objects with repetitive movements so they loop more seamlessly and don’t jump across the timeline.

5. The third new Improvement "Folder/Label Names" - With this improvement this makes Visme a lot smarter than before.

6. The fourth new Improvement " File  Search" - Another very helpful improvement is the File Search, with this improvement  you can now search through your files by searching the name of your labels that have been assigned to the different files you’ve uploaded.

7. The  fifth  new Improvement "Chart Conversion".

8. The sixth new Improvement "Drag and Drop Tool" . Users can now more easily select the object of their choice and drag it onto their canvas.

8. The  seventh  new Improvement is the Collaboration Notifications. Just like other online tool Visme also improved their notification system that once you have visited or read already the message or content it will no longer display the notification, it will be marked as done. 

Visme 4 bug fixes 

9. First bug fixed, Visme users will no longer experience previous bugs like when removing a background, this time doing this is like magic. Vista will automatically fill the background color rather than transparent background.

10. Second bug fixed, the issue about deleting stock videos has been addressed so now Visme users
can keep their video library neat and organized.

11. Third bug fixed, again this bug fixed makes Vista a lot smarter. Assigning font from heading to the body text will automatically uto populate on your canvas if you drag a heading or body text block from the sidebar.

12. Fourth Bug Fixed, Order of On-Click Animation. Before, there was an issue when slides with multiple on-click animations set, sometimes they would switch the proper order. We’ve resolved this so the order remains correct.

Visme has added 2 New Templates

13.  New Template added is the Press Release Template

14. New Template added is the Case Studies Template.

These templates are now available for use or reuse for your content. So guys, check it out. Discover, Learn and Explore the new latest update or improvement of Visme.

Visit or you may create your account now for you to experience the latest update of Visme.



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