EDMODO Free LMS: Complete Teacher Guide Tutorial (PDF)

EDMODO Free LMS: Complete Teacher Guide Tutorial (PDF)

Edmodo is a free learning management system where all members of the educational institutions can collaborate, teach, create lessons, share content, distribute quizzes, assignments and establish safe communication among teachers, students and parents.

An amazing online venue for distance learning during the New Normal. You can use this platform for free with no fees at all. Just simply signup to use to platform.

This can also be a great tool for school heads, principals and even district supervisors where they can use this online tool for their seminar, meetings, feedback and collaborations.

If you are new or have not tried yet this great free educational technology, well I think it is  the best time for you to learn and explore Edmodo.

Edmodo Features:

  • Free online tool for teacher, student and parents.
  • Teacher can easily consolidate class activities result, embed various learning materials from text to video presentations, manage calendar events and create learning groups for students.
  • Teacher can also monitor the progress of the learners and can even give badges or certificates for outstanding performance of a student.
  • Parents can monitor the activities of their children.
  • Students can be able to collaborate or join groups for sports and other school related activities. And receive timely feedback from the teacher.
  • A safe venue for online interaction.

Dowload Tutorial#1. Learn how to use Edmodo – Teacher Guide:                                                        Source: https://www.qacps.org/

Download Tutoria#2. Quick Guide for Teacher:                                                                                    Source: https://www.pdst.ie/

Visit the website now and create your Free account.


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