Download Google Classroom Teacher Guide Tutorial (PDF)

Download Google Classroom Teacher Guide Tutorial (PDF)

Google Classroom is the famous FREE Learning Management System that we can use online. And now that we are facing the New Normal, this online tool - Google Classroom is a big help to all Schools from primary, secondary and tertiary level in implementing Distance Learning. Teachers will have to create online classes within the platform of Google classroom, embed all their learning materials which may include slides, docs, videos, pictures and many more.

This online learning tool is very easy to use from creating a class, adding students, creating assessments such as quizzes or exams and assignment.

Hence, Google Classroom is very well suited for the new mode of delivering class instructions - the best alternative to face-to-face learning.

Google Classroom Features:
  • Tackle administrative tasks more efficiently
  • Work anywhere, anytime, and on any device
  • The best in learning management at no cost
  • More time for richer feedback
If you are new and first time to use Google Classroom, we gathered here for you all free downloadable tutorials for you to learn how manage your online classroom.

Download Tutorial#1

Download Tutorial#2

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