Wabisabi: Create Virtual Classroom and Powerful Portfolio

Wabisabi: Create Virtual Classroom and Powerful Portfolio

One great online tool for educators. A very useful in the present situation where schools around the world needs to switch from face-to-face to distance learning because of CoVID19 pandemic. You can start using this online tool for free. You just have to create an account for you to be able to use the free features of Wabisabi. 

Wabisabi Features:

  • A teacher or a student can create powerful portfolios and transform his or her classroom into virtual one. Thereby, making learning more exciting with the use of audio, video and images producing creative and unique portfolios.
  • A teacher can connect and collaborate in real time. A teacher can build connections and make work creatively through collaborations with peers and inspire others. Thus, making classroom and learning limitless.
  • A teacher can easily keep tracks of the learners’ progress at the same time he or she can create reflections on the students’ performance in real-time. So, giving feedback and reports is easy and fast.

Moreover, with Wabisabi it creates connections not just teacher to students, teacher to teachers but also the parents. The parents are updated or informed about the students learning progress. They can also keep track of their child’s school learning activities. Thus, making learning an all-for-one, one-for-all process.

Wabisabi Learning Environment:

The Signup Screen:

Where users can choose as learner, teacher and family member.

Main Two Dashboards Options:

My Classrooms and Resources

Conversation Dashboard
Learning Activities

Learner Work

These are just some of the many features that Wabisabi can offer to the Teachers, Students and Parents.

So register or create an account now.  Please see the link below.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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