Thinglink: Transform Static Images into Incredible Interactive Images

Thinglink: Transform Static Images into Incredible Interactive Images

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Thinglink, is an amazing online tool for teachers, students and other professional in various fields and of course even for our dear parents.You will surely love and enjoy Thinglink. Yes, it's true when I tried using and exploring it for the very first time it was really fun and exciting. It's a big big plus in your class if you will engage your discussion with Thinglink.

What is Thinglink?

Two words combined thing and link which means you can put a link or embed an image within an image as tags same with videos, you can put a video within a video and embed images and text so you can create an interactive object or thing effortlessly. 

How to Thinglink? 

Thinglink, linking things - creating link within an image. It works by inserting tag on the image that you to use to present or share with your audience or with your students. You can embed text or content, link or url and videos within an image Thus making your static image interactive.

With Thinglink, your static image creates exciting experience through interactive buttons (tags) within an image in 3600 view using different icons and animation to make your tags more enticing or attractive. (See the basic sample image below.)

For Teachers, you integrate or embed your lessons to one single image. You can put everything there. So isn't it amazing? You put in one image all your topic for the the day. That's really great!

Thinglink Features:

  • Teacher can create visual learning solution.
  • Teacher can add interactive tags, embed charts and data within an image that he or she is presenting to the class.
  • Teacher can also link or embed forms and quizzes and maps, text, videos, calendar and other online object  that  can be applied in a particular discussion.
  • Teacher can link several things or objects from one to another.

So for all teachers and other professionals you should really try this online learning tool.

Thinglink Learning Environment:

Thinglink's User Dashboard/ Main User Interface_1

Thinglink's User Dashboard/ Main User Interface_2
Thinglink's Dashboard where you can start creating you project.
You can select which project you want to work on.
Upload image, video 360 /VR image or 360 Video.

After you signup or create account you will select which account type you want to use, for teacher  its Classroom Learning.

By the way, for teachers free account there are limitations but still registering on a free account is very useful and worth it. So you must try it now. Signup or create account now. But before that you might wanna see how Thinglink works.

Click on those animated buttons/tags on the image to see how it works.
Learn how to create Interactive Image or Video in Thinglink. Watch Video Tutorial

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