Schoology: Create Free Learning Management System (LMS) – Best for Distance Learning

Schoology: Create Free Learning Management System (LMS) – Best for Distance Learning

Schoology is one of the best Free Learning Management System that offers a lot of features that are really very helpful for teachers and parents.

Online Learning Tool such as Schoology is the answer to most of our administrators, teachers and parents who are worrying on how to continue the learners school activities in this time of Covid19 crisis, most of the countries today are facing.

Schoology is a big help in connecting every learner to continue their learning process outside the classroom. Hence, teachers can conduct distance learning through their mobile devices and laptops or desktops computer.

Schoology can also be used in offline mode which means teachers, parents and students can still access to the course materials even you do not have an Internet connection.

Schoology offers a free basic account available to both Teacher and Parent with so many features that you can apply. All you need is a good internet connection to start and learn Schoology. So Create your free account now. See sign-up link below.

Schoology Basic Account Features:

For Classroom Instruction

  • Develop, manage, and distribute course materials
  • Easily communicate with students
  • Facilitate online discussions
  • Record grades and attendance in our online gradebook
  • Create auto-graded tests and quizzes
  • Give parents visibility into child’s activities and progress
  • Collaborate or share resources via Schoology’s community groupsFor

For Classroom Productivity

  • Use the mobile app for anywhere, anytime access
  • Use the calendar to manage assignments and activities
  • Easily message students, parents, and other educators
  • Gain access to thousands of free public resources created by educators for educators

For Classroom Integrations

  • Integrate external sites, games, tools, and other resources with the app center.
Schoology Working or Learning Environment:
Basic Account
Sign Up Account option: Instructor and Parent

Add Course or Subject to your Instructor Account
Create Assessment

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