Genially: Create free superb presentations, gamifications and more in seconds.

Genially: Create free superb presentations, gamifications and more in seconds.

Looking for an all-in-one online application where you can create different kinds of projects ranging from incredible presentations,branding video, horizontal and vertical infographics, guide, dossier and reports, learning experience, video presentation, social and blank creation, build it all with Genially.

All teachers, students, staff and administrators and even parents will surely love this online learning tool or application. You don’t have to look for another application to create other stuff for your class because Genially, offers everything you need.

A full-packed of applications put into one, is really amazing, isn’t?

Genially Free Account Features:

  • Teacher can do Unlimited Creations with unlimited views
  • Teacher can do Collaboration
  • Teacher can access Free Templates.

If you want advanced features you can always upgrade your plan to premium one.

But for me having a free account is already a big help for teachers.

Create your Free Account now. See link below.

Genially Working Environment:

What you can do to each project or content of Genially:

1. Presentation

Take your presentations to the next level with animated and interactive elements, integrated online content and incredible templates. Ideal for presenting online or remotely.

2. Dossier & Report

Turn your professional documents into attractive and interactive content. Ideal for creating Dossiers, Reports, or Commercial Offers.

3. Learning Experience

Make learning a truly interactive experience by combining didactic units with challenges. Ideal for communicating knowledge and for self-evaluation.

4. Gamification

Create your own content with the structure of a game. Ideal for motivating, evaluating, and reinforcing intake and retention of information.

5. Interactive Image

Transform your static images into incredible interactive images. Ideal for enriching your images with multiple layers of information (videos, images, text, maps, etc.)

6. Horizontal Infographic

Visually represent and outline your content in a way that attracts your audience. Ideal for explaining processes and outlines.

7. Vertical Infographic

Make your information easy to understand, visually attractive and interactive. Ideal for explaining processes and outlines.

8. Guide

Create complex and informative documents where your audience can choose the information it wants to consume. Ideal for creating web content where interactivity is the star.

9. Video Presentation

Fuses the best of presentations and videos. Ideal for creating content that self-plays or loops with stunning pre-animated effects.

10. Personal Branding

Make yourself stand out from the crowd with content that strengthens your personal brand. Ideal for creating interactive Resumes, Personal Pages, Social Media Spotlight Pages or Portfolios.

11. Social

Design content that will stand out on your Timeline. Ideal for making your resources more popular, animated, interactive and easy to design.

12. Blank Creation

Set up the dimensions of your creations to be exactly as you need them. Ideal for creating content from scratch without templates.

So what are you waiting for Sign up now!

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