CK-12: Platform for Free Online Textbooks, Create Class and Utilize Resources.

CK-12: Platform for Free Online Textbooks, Create Class and Utilize Resources.

CK-12, the perfect online learning website both for teacher and students as well as the parents.

CK-12 offers numerous free-open educational resources to the world.  It is a non-profit organization based in California which aims to increase access to low K-12 education in the United States and the world.

With CK-1, you can use so many educational resources from textbooks, videos, exercises, flashcards and real world applications. It is really amazing to adopt and use CK-12 in your classroom instructions.

Especially, now that we are heading to the new normal because of the COVID19 pandemic.

So we need to apply this Educational Technology or this online platform for our learners to attend classes not inside the room where they used to be with but students will enter or join a virtual room to conduct classes.

You must start exploring CK-12, the environment of the system is easy to follow, a very user-friendly online application. Thus, teachers and students will surely benefit a lot through CK-12, they can explore  and learn so many resources that are already stored within the system.

In fact, CK-12 is serving more than around the world 130M users, 733M questions were answered within the platform, 247K Flex Books has been developed. So that’s really a huge number this makes CK12, a well-known online educational platform, helping people around the world to be educated free.

So for teachers and students visit the website now and Create your Free Account! See link below.

CK-12 Features:

Teachers boost learner interactions which means engage students & save time.

Teachers can follow, and track student progress in an even more convenient way.

Teachers can create classes, assign assignment and quizzes.

Teachers can explore so many educational resources within the platform.

CK-12 Working or Learning Environment
Teacher Dashboard

CK-12 Create Class Screen or Page.

CK-12 Library Screen or Page
CK-12 Subject Screen or Page
CK-12 Explore Screen or Page

CK-12 Create Account Now

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