How to Join or Register in Second Virtual INSET by DepEd on August 30 - September 3, 2021 | OUA MEMO 00-0821-0073 MEMORANDUM

How to Join or Register in Second Virtual INSET by DepEd on August 30 - September 3, 2021 | OUA MEMO 00-0821-0073 MEMORANDUM

The Department of Education through the Office of Undersecretaries for Administration (OUA) has issued the OUA MEMO 00-0821-0073 MEMORANDUM (ANNOUNCING THE SECOND VIRTUAL IN-SERVICE TRAINING (VINSET) ON 30 AUGUST TO 03 SEPTEMBER 2021.).

The Second Virtual INSET is a 5-Day training/workshop for public school teachers. All teachers will gather again virtually in the comfort of their homes. 

In line with this, a lot of teachers are keep on sending or posting their queries online or through social media platforms like Facebook if where and how they can access the REGISTRATION FORM or LINK for them to be able to join the Second Virtual INSET on August - September 2021.

Here are the latest instructions:

Join us from August 30-September 3, 2021 and participate synchronously and  asynchronously in talks that bridge technology and curriculum.

You can access the talks at your convenience and earn your digital certificates 
through logging in to https://training.deped. (see link below for the quick guide on how to Create Account)

You will need the ENROLLMENT KEY: (see list below)

Browse through courses, select the category ICTS- Educational Unit Webinar Series 2021, Click the subcategory Virtual In-Service Training for Public School Teachers (August 30-Spetember 3, 2021), and enter the enrollment key. The enrollment key is the name of the region
where you are stationed. 

Do not miss out this opportunity of professional growth and development!

VINSET2.0 Course activation will be on August 30, 2021.

Based on OUA MEMO 00-0821-0073 MEMORANDUM, it was stated that the "Final programme, schedules, subject matters and links to online platforms to be used will be released at least a week before the second VINSET starts." Please be guided of the details of the Second Virtual INSET through Memorandum (see the Memorandum below for your guidance).

But if we recall the process during the First Virtual INSET conducted last 15-19 March 2021, all teachers were instructed to create or register via DepEd Professional Learning Management System or DepEd LMS for them to be able to receive their certificate of participation.

So, for teachers who do not have yet their account or have not created their account in DepEd LMS, you create your account now and access the course via DepEd Professional Learning Management System or DepEd LMS.

Here's quick and easy steps or tutorial on how to create or register in DepEd LMS:

Read here>>>How to Register/Create Account in DepEd Professional Learning Management System - 

Read also>>>Complete Schedule of Activities Second Virtual INSET

The upcoming second Virtual INSET objectives:
1. Capacitate teachers in using different online modality platforms that include DepEd Learning Management System, DepEd Commons, DepEd Online (FB Page, YouTube, ETULAY Tutorial Sessions), DepEd TV, and DepEd Radio.

2. Provide awareness and proper handling of technology tools in delivering instruction in synchronous and asynchronous format.

3. Learn and apply different components of cyber wellness (data privacy, netiquette, and troubleshooting).

For your reference, please see below the copy of the OUA MEMO 00-0821-0073 MEMORANDUM, source:

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